Application Requirements


Students with previous studies in all fields of humanities and social sciences (including philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, political science, psychology, languages, journalism, public policy) are welcome to apply.

MA Entry Requirements:

1. Completed online CEU Application Form 

2. Letters of recommendation

3. Academic records

4. A full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any

5. Proof of English proficiency

For general admissions information please visit the following website:

or write an e-mail to: or

In addition to meeting the general CEU admissions requirements for the Nationalism Studies Program, applicants should submit:

- a 500 word outline of their proposed research topic with title
- an academic writing sample in English, e.g. a term paper (minimum 10 pages, maximum 25 pages)

Applicants interested in the Jewish Studies Specialization (and scholarship) or the Religious Studies Specialization (and scholarship), please indicate this at the top of the research proposal.   

For general admissions information please visit the following website:

How to write a good proposal?

 It is great that you are considering applying to one of our MA programs. You should know that we will be very happy to receive your application and to read about your research interests. Here are a few small tips that should help you with the research proposal:

-          Look at the topics in the focus of the program on our website and at the research interest of the professors in our program. Hopefully, these will be inspiring for you.

-          You can check out the theses from our outstanding students in the library. This might give you a good idea of the types of projects our students undertake.

-          You might feel right now that it is difficult to know already what your thesis will be about, and this might make writing of your proposal seem like a very difficult task. Don’t worry, once you start your studies with us, we will, together, rethink your original proposal, and you will have plenty of time to decide about your final project.

What we are looking for in the proposals you submit when applying are the following:

-          A match between your interests and the topics we teach.

-          Your ability to find a topic that can be in the focus of social research.

-          Your ability to implement theories and approaches you learned about throughout your previous studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Eligibility Requirements for Master's Programs

Applicants must have a first degree (bachelor's or equivalent undergraduate degree) from a recognized university or institution of higher education, or provide documentation indicating that they will earn such a first degree before enrollment in a CEU master's program. (In exceptional cases, applicants with a three-year bachelor’s degree may be allowed admission into one-year master’s programs. The applicants should be aware that they may not be able to pursue a doctoral degree in the European Higher Education Area if they have accumulated less than 300 ECTS credits in their prior university studies. Applicants wishing to pursue an academic career should choose their master’s program accordingly [two-year master’s in case they completed a three-year bachelor’s degree, and one-year master’s in case they completed a four-year bachelor’s degree]. For the list of conditions under which exemptions may be granted, please refer to the program’s website.)

Students enrolled in a master's program at CEU must not be simultaneously enrolled in another higher education institution, unless they provide official documentation about having obtained a leave of absence from the other institution for the entire duration of their studies at CEU. Admitted students are required, if applicable, to indicate enrollment at another institution in the matriculation form at the beginning of their studies at CEU.