Documentaries Made by Nationalism Studies Students

CEU Documentaries Made by Nationalism Studies Students 

Did you know that at the Nationalism Studies Program you will also have the chance to learn to make documentaries about any topic related to your field of studies taught by award-winning director, Jeremy Braverman and his team? Check out the thought-provoking films produced by our students in collaboration with students from different CEU departments.

We love to watch and discuss them.

The student films were produced as coursework in classes that are part of the Visual Studies Platform initiative. 

The Final Exile

Exiled throughout his life, Lukács faces removal once more in death: an exile from memory.

NATI student: Jack Atmore

Stopped at Km22

What is home like when you can never be there? A film about life and work on the road.

NATI students: Jack Atmore, Lucy Szemetova, Wouter Torbeyns


Twice a year, Budapest residents can leave out anything they want to get rid of on the street, and by the next morning it is gone. Where does it all go?

NATI students: Lucy Szemetova, Jack Atmore 


It is hard to be a transsexual in Hungary: this is a glimpse into the struggles of a transsexual woman in the country.

NATI students: Iryna Mysiv, Mirkamran Huseyli

Real Answers

Despite facing mounting odds in their everyday work, investigative journalists Blanka Zöldi and Katalin Erdélyi refuse to give up.

NATI students: Ajla Henic, Adam Hushegyi