Interview with Rogers Brubaker

January 11, 2024

Our wonderful interns interviewed Professor Rogers Brubaker regarding his time at Nationalism Studies. Please find the Interview below:


Last month, we interviewed Professor Rogers Brubaker. Having received his PhD from Columbia University in 1990, Brubaker is a renowned professor at University of California, Los Angeles and specializes in sociological topics including: social theory, immigration, citizenship, ethnicity, race, gender, populism, hyperconnectivity—and nationalism.

Conference for MA students in Nationalism Studies

December 11, 2023

Nations and Nationalisms: Theories, Practices and Methods 2.0

Statement in solidarity with Dr. Zoltán Ádám

November 7, 2023

We, members of the CEU Nationalism Studies Program, join the CEU Democracy Institute, the CEU Institute for Advanced Study and the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives, and express our solidarity with Dr. Zoltán Ádám, recently dismissed from his position as associate professor of economics at Corvinus University. 

In refusing to examine a student who had not met the necessary requirements earlier this year, Dr. Ádám did the right thing. 

The Voters You Select Affect the Representation You Get: Lessons from Ethnic Electoral Engineering: New published article

June 15, 2023

In this comment, published in Ethnopolitics, Daniel Bochsler and Damir Kapidžić review proposals for electoral reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They warn that the segmentation of elections along ethno-territorial lines results in an exclusion of dispersed minorities.

New publication: The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time? Territorial Autonomy and Conflict During Regime Transitions (with Andreas Juon) - Daniel Bochsler

April 21, 2023

How does territorial autonomy affect bargaining between ethnic groups and the government during regime transitions? In our new article (together with Andreas Juon), we quantitatively study this question for a global sample, 1946-2017.


The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time? Territorial Autonomy and Conflict During Regime Transitions (with Andreas Juon).  Comparative Political Studies.

-Daniel Bochsler