Yessay 2.0

Yessay: Nationalism Studies Program

Undergraduate Essay Competition

Event Description

Central European University’s Nationalism Studies Program invites you to compete in YESSAY 2.0! Pick any of the topics presented and write an essay about it. The details are completely up to you, so long as you follow the guidelines and it relates to the chosen topic. This essay competition is open to all 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students as well as anyone else who plans on applying to the Nationalism Studies Program for the upcoming academic year.

Rules & Requirements

1. 1200 words maximum (not including bibliography)

2. Double spaced

3. English

4. Font: Times New Roman, size 12

5. Any citation style is acceptable, as long as it is consistent 6. Submit your essay as a PDF file (lastname_firstname_yessay) to:


1. Nationalism and Identity 
2. Vaccine Nationalism 
3. Nationalism and Populism 


1. Clarity of the argument (Narrowed topic, engagement with the literature)

2. Clear structure (Introduction, research questions/hypotheses, conclusions, bibliography)

3. Originality (innovative topic, filling research gaps, freshness)

4. Consistency (citations, language)


1st Prize: interview + hoodie + CEU water bottle

2nd Prize: interview + t-shirt + CEU water bottle

3rd Prize: interview + t-shirt + CEU water bottle

4th Prize: interview + CEU water bottle

5th Prize: interview + CEU water bottle

Interview: after submitting a formally acceptable application to our program, the winner will skip the first step of the admissions process and be invited directly for an interview.

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