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Summer readings highly recommended for incoming Nationalism Studies MA students .

Classics of Nationalism Studies
Introductory course by Luca Váradi and András Pap

This introductory reading seminar is designed to introduce students to some of the most important authors and scholarly traditions in nationalism studies. Another objective of the course is to familiarize students with the Socratic tradition of Anglo-Saxon universities; that is, helping to develop skills in critical thinking, close reading and discussion.

All students are required to make short presentations on the reading assignments, and prepare and distribute short, concise notes to their peers.

Attendance is mandatory for all classes.

Students are expected to read all of the reader, which comprises essays, excerpts from such classics in nationalism studies as Ernest Gellner, Eric Hobsbawm, Rogers Brubaker, Benedict Anderson, Hurst Hannum, John Breuilly, Craig Calhoun, Henk Dekker, Ronald G. Suny, Liah Greenfeld and Anthony D. Smith.



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