Research Fellow

Barbora Moormann-Kimáková

Barbora Moormann-Kimáková is research fellow with the Nationalism Studies Program. Her main research interests are language policies and regimes, the relationship between language and nationalism, minority rights as well as constitutionalism in particular in Central and Eastern Europe. Moormann-Kimáková obtained her Dr. phil. from Humboldt University in Berlin. Her book “Language-related Conflicts in Multinational and Multiethnic Settings” was published by Springer VS in 2016. Since 2013 she has been member of the research network Constitutional politics in post-socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe, working on case studies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Moormann-Kimáková graduated in 2006 in political science and Slavic philology from the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. In 2013 and 2014 she headed the Moscow office of the German-Russian Forum closely cooperating with universities and NGOs in Russia.