Populism, Nationalism and Deglobalization - Undergraduate conference - August 31 – September 1, Budapest

September 19, 2017

Conference Program

All the panels will take place in room MB 201 (Monument Building 201).


August 31:

New book by András László Pap

September 4, 2017

In a new monograph published by Routledge, Professor Pap shows the rise and morphology of a self-identified `illiberal democracy’, the first 21st century illiberal political regime arising in the European Union.

New book by Szabolcs Pogonyi

August 30, 2017

In a new monograph published by Palgrave Macmillan, Prof. Pogonyi explores the causes and consequences of the discursive and legal construction of the Hungarian transborder nation through the institutionalization of non-resident citizenship and voting.

New book of András Kovács - Communism’s Jewish Question - Jewish Issues in Communist Archives

June 22, 2017

The international publisher De Gruyter just published the new book of András Kovács, professor at Nationalism Studies/Jewish Studies under the title Communism’s Jewish Question.  In the last two decades a trove of previously secret documents on Jewish issues emerged from the newly opened Communist archives. The volume brings a selection of these papers, primarily from Hungarian archives, which shed light on a period of Jewish history that is largely ignored because the Shoah is often considered the end of

Letter in support of Central European University - Brubaker, Horowitz, Joppke, Kymlicka, Stewart

April 4, 2017

Letter in support of Central European University


Mr. Zoltán Balog

Minister of Human Capacities

1054 Budapest

Akadémia utca 3



Dear Minister Balog,