Meet the members of the Nationalism Studies Program


Our first professor from Nationalism Studies Program’s “Meet Your Future Professor” series is Luca Váradi.

Luca Váradi is a former Marie Sklodowska-Curie research fellow and recurrent visiting professor in the Nationalism Studies Program. Her research focuses on ethnic prejudices and especially on the formation of prejudice in adolescence.

Luca is currently lecturing the following courses in our department:

Understanding Ethnic Prejudice: Sociological and Social Psychological Approaches,

Practical Thesis Writing Seminar,

Understanding the Logic of Social Research: Research Methodologies in Nationalism Studies

Social Research in the Making: Developing Research Projects in the Field of Migration.   

She has also supervised many of our students and helped them shape their research to outstanding MA theses.

It is especially important for Luca to make sure her research results reach those who can use them that’s why she works together with different NGOs and teachers in prejudice reduction programs.

Fun fact: Luca bikes to work!  

“What I love most about the Nationalism Studies Program is that it brings together people with different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds who are interested in similar problems.” – Luca Váradi