For first-hand experience get in touch with our recent alumna Arin. ( Arin graduated from the 2-year MA program in 2019, and is happy to help answer any admissions-related questions you might have. 


Testimonials from Nationalism Studies alumni:

Eric: "The CEU Nationalism Studies program is much like Budapest itself. It's a place that works best for self motivated people, and where such people have access to tremendous resources. This applies within the department, university, and the city itself. If you have a driving motivation for learning and scholarship I think it's a great place to let yourself go and pursue your passion."


Amy: "I especially enjoyed the Nationalism Studies program because of its interdisciplinary nature. It offered a comprehensive insight into important themes whilst also leaving enough room for delving into my specific interests, where necessary by taking courses in other departments. I felt very supported by the department and that greatly contributed to the fond memories I have of my time at CEU."