Master of Arts in Nationalism Studies (1 year)

Master of Arts in Nationalism Studies (One-year Program)
The program addresses the question of what constitutes the nation, analyzes its organization and considers the meaning of ‘nationalism’ as it applies to individual identity. Key to the study of nationalism is an interdisciplinary approach that includes political science, history, anthropology, sociology, and international relations. To this end, students of the one-year MA program, in addition to completing courses within the Nationalism Studies Program, are also required to attend courses offered by other CEU departments. The breadth of study allows students to construct a multidimensional picture of what the nation is, how it functions, why it is relevant, and why it is so often at the heart of conflict.

Sample Courses for the Master’s Programs
Mandatory Courses
Debates About Self-determination and External Minority Protection in the Twentieth Century; Nationalism,National Identity, National Feeling: The Sociological and Socio-psychological Approach; Nationalism and Political Theory
Elective Courses
Constitutional Design and Conflict; Law and Ethnicity; Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity, Racism and Nationalism; Interpretations of Modern Anti-semitism; The Ottoman Empire and the Post-colonial Debate; Sociological Approaches to Race and Ethnicity: The Roma in Central Europe; Interpreting Contemporary Nationalism in Southeastern Europe; Can Western Models of Minority Rights Be Applied in Eastern Europe?

Entry Requirements for the Master’s Programs
Candidates must have completed a minimum of four years with a BA degree. Applicants to the Master’s program must meet the General CEU Admissions Requirements, and submit a 500-word outline of their proposed research topic and one writing sample, e.g., a term paper of minimum ten pages. If possible, candidates should submit a writing sample that is in some way related to the topic of nationalism.


Title Instructor Credit
The global challenge of migration in Europe Antal Örkény 2.0
Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity, Racism and Nationalism – with special reference to Roms and Romany peoples Michael Stewart 2.0
Art in the Service of the Nation: 1750-2000 Robyn Radway 2.0
CAW Academic Writing Sanjay Kumar 0.0
Comparative European Politics Daniel Bochsler 4.0
Developing Research Proposals and Projects Szabolcs Pogonyi
Maria M. Kovacs
Documentary Filmmaking for the Social Sciences and Humanities Jeremy Braverman 2.0
Ethnic Quotas and Affirmative Action in Higher Education Mária M. Kovács 4.0
Federal Systems: The US, the EU and India in Comparison Anton Pelinka 4.0
Genocide and Memory in Comparative Perspectives Gábor Kádár 2.0
Genocide and Memory in Comparative Perspectives Gábor Kádár 2.0
Institutional and legal approaches to religious diversity András László Pap 4.0
Institutional and legal approaches to religious diversity András László Pap 2.0
International Norms and their Application: Border Disputes, Self-determination and Minority Protection Maria M. Kovacs 4.0
Jewish politics and Jewish political culture (1897-1950) Laura Almagor 2.0
Jews And Roma In Comparative Perspective Michael Laurence Miller
Iulius Rostas
Jews and the City Michael Laurence Miller 4.0
JustData - University Wide Course Miklós Koren
Arieda Muço
Chrys Margaritidis
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary)
Roberta Sinatra
Karoly Boroczky
Legal and Institutional Approaches to Minority Protection András László Pap 4.0
National Projects and Public Sphere in East Central Europe, 1772-1989 Ostap Sereda
Maciej Janowski
Nationalism and National Feeling: the Sociological and Social-psychological Approach Andras Kovacs 4.0
Nationalism and Political Theory Anton Pelinka 4.0
Nationalist mobilization: concepts, causes, patterns and cases Beáta Huszka 2.0
Practical Thesis Planning Seminar Szabolcs Pogonyi 2.0
Roma identity in the XXIst century: from oppression to mobilization Iulius Rostas 2.0
Sociological Approachesto Race and Ethnicity: The Roma in Postcommunist Central Europe Julia Szalai 2.0
The Law and Politics of Combating Violence Against Women Andrea Krizsan
Mathias Möschel
The Sociology of Prejudice Understanding the Methods of Social Research Luca Váradi 4.0
Transnationalism and Citizenship Szabolcs Pogonyi 4.0
Transnationalism and Citizenship Szabolcs Pogonyi 2.0
Understanding neo-nationalism: theories, concepts and methodologies Szabolcs Pogonyi 2.0