PhD Tutorial II

Course Description: 

PhD Tutorial II is devoted to writing the PhD dissertation proposal. The first seminar will discuss the essentials of a PhD dissertation proposal, and proposal writing in general. The next part of the tutorial consists of individual hour-long meetings to develop the 20-25 page text of the dissertation proposal. In the latter part of the term, each student presents his or her proposal to the group in a seminar format, with another student serving as a formal critic. 

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the second term, dissertation proposals are reviewed by the History Department Doctoral Program Committee. 


This course is taken for a pass/fail grade. Passing the course means that the student has written a dissertation proposal, has presented it to the seminar, has been an official commentator for another’s proposal, and has submitted the dissertation proposal to his/her supervisor and the History Department Doctoral Program Committee by the appropriate date, which is March 20. This proposal will be assessed, along with the revised exam materials, and a response sent by the HDDPC to the student in early April