East European History in Context: Problems and Debates 2016-2017

Course Description: 

Since this is an advanced seminar, it will be tailored where possible to the specific research interests of the students, who will develop reading texts and presentation strategies in consultation with the instructors. Those whose primary research focus is not Eastern Europe may also introduce appropriate comparative agendas. Prospective participants in the seminar are strongly encouraged to suggest topics to the instructors beforehand. MA students (1YR and 2nd-year 2YR) with relevant research interests and background are welcome, and should contact one of the instructors for permission to take the course for credit.

Learning Outcomes: 

This course provides students with the opportunity to hone their critical knowledge of the historiography of Eastern Europe. A basic content literacy is assumed, and our goal is to work with students on the more advanced skills necessary to understand how received views of canonical topics have been formed, refined, and displaced over time within the profession. Students should emerge from the course with a stronger ability to orient their own research agendas vis-à-vis the larger historical profession, and for those topics unrelated to their own research, they will acquire useful resources in preparing their own teaching portfolios.

resentations will be informal, with students taking turns as lead discussants for sections of the seminar. (40%) A final essay (circa 15 pp.), topic chosen in consultation with the instructors. (60%)
Deadline to submit the final paper: April 20, 2016